Detox Tea Organic Envy : my review on the blog

Detox teas are everywhere !

I only drinks tea because I hate coffee, but I never tasted tea detox before.

There are a lot of different detox teas (Kusmi Tea BB Detox, Yogi Tea, Slendertox, Wendertea etc…) but I finally chose the Organic Envy tea, which is 100% natural : perfect !

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I bought the 14 days detox, I wanted a body detox before going to holidays, not to loose weight but to feel better.

The morning tea tasted good : green tea, pineapple, strawberry, yerba maté, guarana.

I drank the evening tea (which is not tea but infusion) every other time (there is 7 evening tea bags and 14 morning tea bags) I prefered the taste : orange zest, peppermint, camomile, séné leaf.

What about the results ?

Well, nothing extraordinary !! Easy to describe : nothing happened ! No results after 14 days, even stomachache sometimes, nice…

It doesn’t worth the price, I would be curious to test another detox tea because I’m sure some are more efficients than others.

Don’t forget that green tea also have a lot of detox effects : it’s diuretic and much more economic than a detox tea !

Have you ever tried detox tea ? I’m very curious to have different reviews !


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My spring beauty routine

Hello girls ! Today I’m back with my spring beauty routine, a bit different of the winter routine. Let’s take a look…

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I changed my daily cream with cold cream « Bio beauté By Nuxe » for a light daily cream Avène, with a SPF 20. Indeed, don’t forget 80% of skin aging is due to the sun, so it’s never too late to protect our skin ! Avène is a brand I really love, their creams are very efficient and there is one for each skin type. I recently bought the « Hydrance optimale » for sensitive skin, normal to oily.

Every two days I apply also the progressive self-tanning cream from Melvita, which is organic and made with natural ingredients (and smells vanilla, I love it !) I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, and I have to say that I don’t really see results for now, but let’s take our time ! I also apply it on my legs, which are whiter than white :)

Once a week, I apply and leave on the skin the Avène « antirougeurs calm » (= anti redness),  which soothes the skin and leave it softer. I love it, above all in winter when my skin feels taut and shows sign of every little agression. I’m finishing it but I will buy it again for sure !

beauty blog french spring beauty routine melvita avene

On evenings, before going to bed I still use my jojoba oil from Melvita. It’s very efficient to reduce imperfections.

I mix it with my Balm balm roseship serum, my favorite, bought on feelunique. I love it, the smell is amazing and it really moisturizes the skin. I also apply it on my eye contour to moisturize and I am really satisfied :)

beauty blog french spring beauty routine balm balm feelunique

Finally, after removing my make-up and on mornings before applying make-up, I always clean my skin with the rose floral water from Florame, an organic brand I really like too. It smells wonderful (yes, again ! :) ) and soothes reactive skins. It’s perfect, I buy it again every time I finish one !

beauty blog french spring beauty routine balm balm feelunique

That is all for my spring beauty routine. I think I have found products my skin really likes because it feels much more beautiful lately.

Do you know those products ? What is your current beauty routine ?

See you soon girls !




What are the best vegetable oils for the face ?

Today we’re talking about vegetable oil again, not to remove make-up, but to moisturize face. Most of vegetable oils can be used to moisturize both face and body.

I’ve been using them for 1 year now, and I have to say I’m completely seduced by all the fabulous attributes they have !

I only use them before I go to sleep, because during the day with make-up it can make my skin a bit oily.


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