Detox Tea Organic Envy : my review on the blog

Detox teas are everywhere !

I only drinks tea because I hate coffee, but I never tasted tea detox before.

There are a lot of different detox teas (Kusmi Tea BB Detox, Yogi Tea, Slendertox, Wendertea etc…) but I finally chose the Organic Envy tea, which is 100% natural : perfect !

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I bought the 14 days detox, I wanted a body detox before going to holidays, not to loose weight but to feel better.

The morning tea tasted good : green tea, pineapple, strawberry, yerba maté, guarana.

I drank the evening tea (which is not tea but infusion) every other time (there is 7 evening tea bags and 14 morning tea bags) I prefered the taste : orange zest, peppermint, camomile, séné leaf.

What about the results ?

Well, nothing extraordinary !! Easy to describe : nothing happened ! No results after 14 days, even stomachache sometimes, nice…

It doesn’t worth the price, I would be curious to test another detox tea because I’m sure some are more efficients than others.

Don’t forget that green tea also have a lot of detox effects : it’s diuretic and much more economic than a detox tea !

Have you ever tried detox tea ? I’m very curious to have different reviews !


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