What are the best vegetable oils for the face ?

Today we’re talking about vegetable oil again, not to remove make-up, but to moisturize face. Most of vegetable oils can be used to moisturize both face and body.

I’ve been using them for 1 year now, and I have to say I’m completely seduced by all the fabulous attributes they have !

I only use them before I go to sleep, because during the day with make-up it can make my skin a bit oily.


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It is usefull to know that the skin has a lipid film, made of oil, so that is the main reason vegetable oils are well absorbed by the skin, better than a cream for example. (It is the same reason that your skin loves repair serum !)

They are a lot of different vegetable oils, and each one has its own properties. In my case, I generally use jojoba oil or avocado oil.

Jojoba oil is famous because it’s the best for skin problems. It is similar to natural human skin, so it helps reduce sebum production. It gets into the skin fastly and she doesn’t smell bad (it’s an important point because all oils don’t smell that good !). It’s the perfect oil for daily use !
I’m using the organic jojoba oil from Melvita, which I bought few weeks ago now, and I have nothing to complain about, it’s a very good one !

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Avocado oil, which is very moisturizing, is the perfect oil for dry and very dry skins. It doesn’t get into the skin very fastly but it’s an oil made for winter, when the skin becomes reactive and dry.
I use it every two days, with a roseship serum, on evenings only. It’s a good combination with my day cold-cream “Bio beauté by Nuxe”, which is my favorite for winter for years now !

huile végétale visage avocat bio blog test avis beauté lille

Vegetable Oils are perfect for face skin, contrary to what they say about it, they don’t make the skin oily. you just have to remember there is one oil for every skin type, you just have to find yours ;)

Let me know if you use oil for the face, and which one !


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